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    2021 Season 1 Team Nominations are now Open! Please have a read of the COE below then click Register Now!

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    Click below to register to your team. You will need to enter in the name of your team to find it. You MUST be registered before playing. 

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    If you have a Junior player (6-14 years) looking for a team to join, please use the link below to find contact details for our clubs. The earlier in the season you make contact the better chance you have of finding a spot! 

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    2021 Season 1 Mini-Touchies Nominations will open in January!  Mini-Touchies is our development program for boys and girls aged 4-6 


2021 Season 1 Conditions of Entry

Mini Touchies Program Info





Rules as per the Touch Football Australia Playing Rules




1. Shoes

Shoes must be worn in ALL age groups – shoes with screw-in studs or cleats

are not permitted.

2.  Jewellery

NO jewellery to be worn. 

(Jewellery must be taped if unable to remove)

3. Uniforms


- uniform numbered shirts


- girls sports briefs/shorts or bike pants

- boys sport shorts  (NO long boardshorts)


RULES - 12’s, 14’s & 16’s AGE GROUP


1.  Full size field - 6 players a side

2.   Side line interchange box to be used when substituting players

3.  All other rules as per TFA Playing Rules


RULES – 6's, 8’s & 10’s AGE GROUP


1. Modified half size field

2. 5 players a side

3.  Acting-half cannot run with the ball. Ball must be passed from the

            acting-half position.  If a player runs from acting-half the referee will

            stop play and make the player return to the play ball area and replay

            the ball.

4.         The defending team cannot move forward until the first receiver of

            the attacking team has caught the ball.

5.         Coaches may assist their team on the field (Under 6's and 8's only)

6.         All other rules as per TFA Playing Rules


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