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How we're staying safe!

Hi everyone! We are thrilled to have touch back at Owen Park, however its imperative that everyone plays their part and follows the rules. We have attached below our Covid Safety Plan and will summarise a few of the major changes in our competition this season.

  • Firstly, we encourage all coaches/manages/team contacts and referees to click here, create an account and under training library please complete the 'COVID-19: What it is, How to Prevent' course. We also encourage everyone to Download the COVIDsafe app.

  • There will be no finger scanning this season. Referees will bring boxes down to each field that will contain hand sanitiser (that we encourage everyone to use before and after games) along with a pen and clipboard that will have everyone's team sheets. Referee will then do a role call. If a player is not registered they will not be permitted to play until they are. At the end of the game captains won't sign a score card, however the referee will make your initials after a verbal agreement on the score. For JUNIORS - the team contact will do the role call of players after they collect the team sheet from admin like we have done in previous seasons

  • Please take note of the Field map attached and please park in your allocated spots depending on which field you're playing on!

  • Canteen WILL be open, however we are limited to 50 people in the outdoor area so the appropriate number of chairs will be put out (and spaced out). Please don't move these and if there is no chair available that means we are full unfortunately.

  • We will also have a ball washing station on the outside of the building near the female toilets. If you do need a ball pump there will be one placed outside my office if you need to use one along with some hand sanitiser. We will have footballs on sale however we will not be lending any balls.

  • Toilets will be OPEN however showers will be CLOSED.

  • Minimum number of spectators please and everyone needs to login via the QR code which will be up everywhere! This may need to be used for the first few games until Sign-on sheets are properly available.

  • Subboxes - you will still need to sub through the sub box however you are permitted to spread out along the side line while not on the field to help keep social distancing

  • Common sense! No hugs, kisses, high 5's, spitting, careful while sneezing etc!

GCTA covid-19-safety-plan (1)
Download PDF • 1.09MB

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